Luke Gruenert

Co-Founder & CEO

Luke founded Onconetics with Gabe Hitchcock, a former peer at Oberlin College, in honor of Dr. Dieter Gruenert and his profound impact on Luke and the field of gene therapy. He discovered his interest in biology when he began working in Dr. Dieter Gruenert’s lab at UCSF in 2013 on a variety of gene therapy projects. Understanding the need for a truly personalized approach to medicine, Luke invented the technology that is the basis for Onconetics’ pioneering approach.

Luke’s passion lies not only in improving healthcare, but emphasizing the importance of an improved and dignified quality of life for individuals in need. Luke brings several years of dedicated biomedical research experience, as well as rigorous training in the field by highly qualified professionals—and an unyielding dedication to transforming the healthcare industry and bettering the lives of patients.